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Notivate Singer/Songwriter Programme

“A very imaginative and interesting programme.”
Paul Harris (Music Educationalist)

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The Notivate Singer/Songwriter Programme is a creative music course for children aged 9 – 13 years, in which they write, rehearse, perform and record their own songs. The programme enables children to express themselves… to explore their feelings… and perhaps try something for the first time. It offers children the chance to feel better about themselves and is about music, but is more about “me”.
There are six fun, practical sessions, carefully designed to encourage children to realise their creative potential and expand their emotional awareness. Based on ten years’ experience of working with over 3,000 children, the Notivate Programme helps to increase self-esteem, willingness to take creative risks and confidence to learn.

“The whole project was a resounding success.” (Head Teacher)
“We have been so impressed with the whole package.” (SENCo)
“Very successful in captivating and motivating the children.” (Children’s Fund)
“Brilliantly fantastico!” (Pupil)

Children who take part in the programme are commissioned to write, rehearse, perform and record their own songs. All participants receive a workbook, rehearse with a specially prepared backing track CD and spend a day at a professional studio to record their voices. The programme ends with a celebration of the childrens’ achievements, with everyone receiving a certificate and CD of their work.

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Notivate song library

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19 Jul 2017

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19 Jul 2017

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