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“Your ability to make positive relationships with the young people in a short period of time was a key part of the successful outcomes. The way in which you encourage the pupils to believe in themselves makes a real difference to the quality of the work they produced. For some of our young people, not only was it an experience they will remember for the rest of their lives, it was literally a ‘life changing’ event, in that it helped them move forward from traumatic events and mental health issues which were preventing them from fulfilling their potential. This, along with the true sense of pride which was clearly a new emotion for them, clearly moved us all.”
Lynn Mayer, Head Teacher

“I can assure you, that now I have seen the power of the work that Notivate engenders, the school will be ensuring the programme will be delivered as part of an entitlement at the school. Huge thanks for opening our eyes into the power of music making!!!”
Andrew Lakatos, Headteacher

“Thank you for all you have achieved with our children. To see their confidence raised to such an extent is absolutely wonderful. I have even managed to persuade them to allow me to organise a special Achievement Assembly that will feature them and them alone – WOW!!!! Progress or what! It was incredibly worthwhile and something that we shall definitely repeat in the future.”
Pete Sturges, Head Teacher

“The whole project was a resounding success.”
Mark Currell, Head Teacher

“The Notivate project has been a real success story. We were talking in the staff room about the big change in [participant]. We all agree he’s transformed!”
Jane Windsor, Head Teacher

“Being able to put these children together in a group and work along side you with the Notivate project has meant that I can see them regularly and observe their resilience and the group dynamics. The chidren feel relaxed and are able to confide in us issues that they may not otherwise have the opportunity to divulge. I now have more work to do with some of the children as a direct result of information presented to us over the last six weeks, however for some it means that they are ready to move on and manage without the support I was previously offering them. For both these reasons I see Notivate as more than a project that teaches children how to write a song…which in it’s self is an amazing skill that they will always have, but more of a feel good therapy intervention that works on many, many levels.”
Andrea Gee, Family and Pastoral Officer

“We feel that the young people hove produced something that they can feel really proud of, and we are proud of them for that. lt has helped us gain a greater insight into their fear, anxieties and concerns so we ore better able to support them apprapriately as they move onto post l6 choices. For some who did not particularly shine in academic work. it hos given them something that they can excel in. Young people in the group were very sensitive to others’ feelings when evaluating the product and could see a difference that their positive comments made. It made them appreciate how they can make a difference to how someone else is feeling, rather than being tied up in their own emotions. Many young people found it very cathartic. One boy said he had the first night sleep in 3 years ofter writing his song: he had not been able to tell anyone how he really felt. He now adds a new verse each day as a way of helping him cope emotionally. Another girl sad that writing a song with someone else was better than doing a counseling session. It has allowed me to see our young people in a new light. They constantly amaze me with their capacity and new ideas and with the new found confidence they have been able to vocalise this to greater effect.”
Cath Kitchen, Deputy Head Teacher

“Since the project [participant] is quite willing to share with everybody, which has been an immense change for her.”
Debbie Curtis, Student Mentor

“I can honestly say that this was the best project of the past five years in my job… Life changing and awesome!”
Linda Carter, Home Schools Support Service Manager

“It has given the children who has either self esteem problems or other social issues the chance to express themselves and produce something they are very proud of. It was fantastic to see children that would not have worked together sharing a common theme. One of the children’s parents sent in a thank you card as their child had been so ‘blown away’ they wanted to express their gratitude and hoped that other children would be able to have the same opportunity.
We would be happy to recommend Notivate to any other organisations either for funding or to take part in the scheme as we have been so impressed with the whole package.”

Jenny Reilly & Glenda Gillet, SENCo

“We’ve seen an immense change in the children”
Debbie Curtis, Student Mentor

“Very successful in captivating and motivating the children.”
“Teachers have reported lasting impacts, including one example of a girl whose confidence was so low she nearly did not make it through the door of the first Notivate session, claiming ‘It’s music. I can’t do music’. Positive changes that occurred during the course, in particular her communication skills, have continued, and her sense of pride and achievement were immense.”
“Feedback from teachers, practitioners, families and young people themselves has shown this work to have a real impact.”
“They [the participants] were picked basically because they’ve a lack of self-esteem. You wouldn’t think it now in seeing them … they’ve gained a lot of confidence.”
“Positive reinforcement had not much been in evidence previously … and the Notivate experience really helped to build his self-esteem.”
“Loss, as experienced by many young people, is very difficult to deal with. The music projects seemed to have provided a cathartic outlet for dealing with some of the emotional trauma caused by loss.”
“Another teacher cited a pupil who experienced significant communication difficulties. He did not believe the boy would even agree to take part. However, he wrote his own song and recorded it to CD, and completed the course, which the teacher acclaimed as a considerable achievement: ‘For that particular youngster I think it has been very very valuable in terms of building his confidence, again at a very crucial time because we’ve got the Year 6 SATS tests coming up … and also the transfer to secondary school … and a lot of children do find that very anxious, particularly this boy.’”
“Groupwork has helped strengthen relationships between pupils, parents and school. In many cases it has opened up communication channels: ‘… just talking about music opens up all sorts of other conversations that wouldn’t have otherwise in school.’”
“The parents were very positive about it as well, which really helped relationships … It was great because it opened up conversations again that they might not have had otherwise.”

Children’s Fund [Daventry Transitions and Northamptonshire Association of Youth Clubs]
June and August 2007

“Power to your elbow! My daughter hasn’t stopped talking about it. I agree with your aim of making the children feel more confident. You’re doing a great job.”
Participant’s Father

“I think Notivate is a real confidence booster.”
Participant Yr7

“Notivate was greate! [sic] Real fun and it made you feel good inside.”
Participant Yr7

“I’d like to be a pop star … not just for the money, ‘cos I enjoy singing.”
Participant Yr6

“The recording day was the best day of my life, apart from when my dad took me to Wembley”
Participant Yr5

“So much fun and it was a big opportunity and you have opened a door for me! I would like to continue singing in the future.”
Participant Yr6

“I’ve never sung before and now I’ve done it I can do it again.”
Participant Yr6

“This has helped me with my confidence.”
Participant Yr6

“Brilliantly fantastico!”
Participant Yr5

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