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Song Library
We regularly upload songs produced by the Notivate Singer/Songwriter Programme. If you want to listen, please type the name of the song, school or group in the right-hand search bar.
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In case you don’t know what we’re up to, here’s the promo…
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Latest News: Anti-Bullying Songwriting Competition
We were unable to hold our usual “Northamptonshire Anti-Bullying Songwriting Competition” this year, but we have recorded lots of Anti-Bullying songs over the past few months – and also received recordings from lots of young people keen to continue sharing the message of the competition. So we decided to celebrate this by choosing one song as our official winner:

“Let Me Go” was written by an amazing young pianist, singer and songwriter, Isabella from Abington Vale Primary School, Northampton. She recorded the song at The Stables, with three excellent singers Lily, Lucy and Olivia.
Click here to listen

A huge “Thank You” to everyone who sent in entries – and to parents and teachers who have supported the children and young people. We apologise to anyone who would have liked to have taken part this year.
…but please watch this space for news of a new competition!

Latest News: Meet Naia

Five years ago, Naia took part in the Notivate Singer/Songwriter Programme at her primary school, led by John Bowman. She told him “If I had a million pounds, I would build a recording studio in Africa, so children there can have the same opportunities as us”.
A few weeks later, in 2012, John visited Uganda for the first time to meet Nixon and to begin training and fundraising for the new Media Centre in Jinja. While he was there, he was able to Skype Naia and her classmates to tell her that the process had begun!
Today, John was able to meet Naia again, to show her pictures of the completed studio in Jinja and share stories of the amazing work being carried out by the Notivate Uganda team.
“Thank you, Naia” for your inspiration and generosity! We’re looking forward to welcoming you in Jinja one day.

Latest News: Notivate Switzerland!
On 29th & 30th April 2017 we ran our first Notivate group in Switzerland. Several students from the Junior School at Le Rosey, in Rolle travelled to Vallorbe to write songs beside the river.

The subsequent recording session was held in the stunning caves.

Latest News: Notivate Uganda Media Centre Opening Ceremony

On 8th April 2017 we celebrated the official opening of the Media Centre in Jinja, Uganda. Several young Notivate groups performed, along with some invited musicians from Kampala – and our young ambassador from the UK, Amy Claire. Teachers from local schools and the UK also took part in this unforgettable event.

Latest News: What A Load Of Cobblers

We recently joined with inspiration artist Jason Wilsher-Mills on this amazing Arts Council funded project. Children from several Northamptonshire schools produced a some stunning pieces of art, that were projected at Northamptonshire County Cricket Club. We worked with children from Boughton Primary School, who composed a piece of music that accompanied the projection.

There was also a live band, who used the themes composed by the children to perform an improvised piece during the evening.

Bassist, Will Sach

Drummer, Joel Barford

Saxophonist, Tom Barford

Latest News: Fundraising Auction

Thanks to the amazing kindness of several generous donors, we were able to hold an on-line auction, to raise money for our friends in Uganda to help complete the new Media Centre and provide further training. Items included a Piano (donated by our patron Ben Castle), a holiday in Skye (donated by Anne and Billy at Uig Hotel) and a personalised recording (donated by our patron Martyna Wren). In addition, singer/songwriter Amy Claire held a fundraising concert in January, which raised over £200!

If you would like to make a donation to The Notivate Trust’s work in Uganda, please click the picture below to visit our Golden Giving page:

Thanks to the generosity of all concerned, all proceeds from a new recording by the John Bowman Quartet is helping to fund the work of Notivate Uganda. Here’s a short sample of the album, “Jinja”:
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The EP is available online:

To buy a physical copy of the CD, please contact us.

Latest News: Notivate Uganda

In April 2016, the children at The Village Of Hope composed and performed their own music video:
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…and children from Joy Primary School in Jinja made some new friends 4,500 miles away, in Lings Primary, Northampton:

Here’s a short video about Notivate Uganda:
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For more pictures and videos, click here.

If you want to make a donation to our work, please text NTVT16 followed by an amount of £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10 to 70070 (eg NTVT16 £10) or contact us.

Latest News: Music Leader Training
Following last year’s training residential, we are now preparing a new Notivate UK team! After some initial orientation at The Stables and some 1-2-1 tuition, three young trainees are leading a music video production programme with a group of young people from a youth club in Northamptonshire. This programme is being run in partnership with The Stables and Clubs For Young People.

Latest News: Notivate London!

This year welcomed the launch of our first programme in London!
We are very grateful to
Sir Francis Drake Primary School
for hosting this group, which was led by the amazing Amy Clayton.

We have also been working in partnership with Atomic Studios, and Zoe Beckett from LeftHanded Sound.
Here’s the first song, written and performed by the children:

Latest News: Northamptonshire Community Foundation Grant

Thanks to those amazing folk at NCF, The Notivate Trust has been able to offer over 100 young people in Northamptonshire the chance to participate in our Music Video Production Programme. We have been working closely with NAYC (Northamptonshire Association Of Youth Clubs) and Youth Inspired, who have supported our work with young people in Duston, Hartwell, Wootton and Grange Park.

Duston Youth Club (For Amy):
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Hartwell Youth Club (“Space Crime Monkeys”):
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The Duston Collective:
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Grange Park Youth Club:
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Wootton Youth Club:
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Click here for some more examples.

For information about any of the above, please contact us.

Notivate song library

Latest Songs Uploaded

Till The End
19 Jul 2017

Stop Bullying To Make This World A Better Place
19 Jul 2017

Stay Strong
19 Jul 2017

Please Note: Due to copyright, not all songs have been made available here. For more details, please contact us.